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Tell the City Council to Vote AGAINST the Tower on July 23

Stop a $3 million mistake. Act Now. 

Can we stop the City of Boca from making a $3 million mistake with our taxpayer dollars by telling the city to not build an unnecessary 40-story high tower for Palm Beach County?  Yes. We can stop the tower still, if we act now and tell the members of the City Council to reconsider the unacceptable tower vote. The next city council meeting is July 23rd, so in order to change this vote we need to contact them quickly, please see their emails and phone numbers below.

The City Council narrowly voted 3 to 2 to go ahead and pay for the unsightly 40 story tower which the City does not need.  The City has publicly now acknowledge that it does not need a 40-story tower and its needs can be met by replacing its current 180 foot tower.  The estimated cost of such a tower is $600,000, or less, not the $3,000,000 to build this tower for the County.

The County has shown a complete disregard for many of its own rules and regulations and, in particular, those codes dealing with fall zone safety issues and the improper placement of tall towers within close proximity to each other.  If this tower is built there would be three towers within 1,000 feet of each other, not the 5280 feet the county requires!  Why is this happening? Because the County is getting a free 400 foot tower that our City of Boca Raton will pay for.  Again, the City’s needs are met by a 180 foot tower that abides by all the codes and regulations with no new environmental impact.

Here’s what you can do.  The last vote (a narrow 3-2 win) can be easily changed if one of the three council members who voted yes simply asks for a reconsideration of the tower vote.  So, all of us need to contact council members Andrea O’Rourke, Monica Mayotte and Mayor Singer and tell them to reconsider the tower agreement vote for the sake of Boca. Let’s hear and consider the alternatives first!

Wisely, Andy Thomson and Jeremy Rodgers voted against rushing forward, in favor of considering the new options before signing binding agreements, and pointed out to the council that there’s no harm done giving themselves time to consider new proposals that could be better for our city of Boca!

The city does not have to rush this process when it’s our tax dollars, property values, public safety, the environment and quality of life is at stake!  Please don’t wait – the reconsideration must come from either the Mayor, Andrea Levine O’Rourke or Monica Mayotte in 10 days.  Here’s how to contact them:

Andrea Levine O’Rourke

Mayor Scott Singer

Monica Mayotte

And here is the contact information for the other council members as well.  We appreciate their request for due diligence and interest in learning about other viable, less costly and more appropriate solutions to the City’s communication needs. 
Andy Thomson

Jeremy Rodgers

Attend the Meeting on July 23

On July 23, the Palm Beach County City Council will vote on whether or not they will allow the creation of a new and unsightly tower. 

The meeting is open to the public.

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