Keep West Boca Beautiful
Keep West Boca Beautiful

This unnecessary 40-story tower will waste $3 million of your taxpayer dollars STOP the unnecessary spending on a massive 40-story tower! It will have a detrimental visual impact, lower property values and create unknown health and safety risks in our community.

Residents Kept in the Dark

The plan to build the tower was put into motion without public notice or the input of the residents who will be most impacted. 

Codes Being Violated

 County officials are in violation of their own established zoning codes with this proposal.

Reduction in Property Values

All these communications towers clustered together will not only pollute our skyline and change the beautiful vistas of area – it also means reduced property values. 

40-Story Structure--on What is Now a Public Golf Course-- is Too Much

The proposed 40-story would be taller than a football field is long. The massive tower is proposed to be built on the Southeast corner of the current public Boca Raton Municipal Golf course. 

Health and Safety Risks

· · The installation of this tower poses significant safety and health risks. We deserve to protect ourselves against the dangers of this tower.

Costly and Unnecessary

There is no need to build this unsightly and unnecessary tower, as there is room on existing towers for more services. Our community is being burdened with recklessly spending of well over $3 million, the epitome of government waste.